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We sell GPS trackers for more than ten years, quality assurance, continuous innovation and product customization services

Software & Easy To Use

Smart and simple – this is what our users say about WhatsGPS, a stable, easy to use GPS positioning software.

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We adhere to the principle of customer first, and we must give perfect answers within 30 minutes for customers’ questions.

About Us

Being one of the most innovative IOT companies in the telematics industry,AKITA has been dedicating itself to offering both corporate and individual IOT digital services for government projects,public transportations,financing enterprises,fleet management companies.

Our factory is located in Huizhou City,Guangdong province,China.The entire factory park covers area of 100 thousand square meters. At present,the number of employees in the factory has reached 1800,and the production process has very clear division of labor.The annual output of our factory can reach 40 million units,with complete qualifications,we definitely can meet product output demand of global market,of which the shipment volume of our company in 2019 has more 30 million units.

We offer not only OEM but ODM services,and our online platform has served over 2 million customers.


System Features

Real-time Monitor

Monitor and track vehicles in real time, and check information via Web/iOS/Android, such as speed, oil consumption and trajectory.

Pushing Notifications

Get a timely notification to the surveillance vehicle. If the vehicle enters or leaves a GEO-fence area, suddenly accelerate or stopover, it will send a notification to your device via text message, APP,etc…


We can set the fence in a custom zone and automatically send an alarm when the vehicle enters or leaves the marked area.

Track Playback

Platform will record the trajectory of the the vehicle within 6 months. When you need it, you can play back the trajectory based on the date and the speed of the playback.

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